क्यों शाम के बाद Nidhivan जाना हैं मना !!!Don’t Miss


Vrindavan, the holy city in India witnessed Lord krishna’s childhood leela . The place in Vrindavan known as Nidhivan is popular for it’s flora . People believe that Lord krishna use to come to visit this place every night along with Radha Rani and Gopi. The Video has displayed many places inside Nidhivan which describes the presence of Krishna.



  1. In this world where humans don't get love themselves how can such humans worship two dead humans of some age or time era who were worshiped because they were love icons so peoples must worship the same thing they get pain and suffering for its like blasphemy of religion and nothing is like it actually……….saddest truth. If that is so why are people not worshiping love couples and copulating partners! If its bad it was bad for them also if good for them than good for every human we should get out of such myths and superstition from every religion and be practical!

  2. Before saying anything people must realise this bitter truth! It is the most puzzled and unanswered question in the world is there god? and second what happens after death? what happens before birth answers were many each from different faith and religion whatever one can relate or think but the actual queston is what is actually the truth is there any god or such thing what is after death and before birth the true answer without any lie that is " No one knows". If there were man like krishna in ancient times and his gopis or radharani then they are dead in those era itself after that tens of thousands of year past no one knows what happened then in this place many different eras came and went this story we know only in this modern era and maximum from british time or more to say mughal period at some time but before that even many years gap were their in between mahabharata timeline and mughal period or british period itself where were than these stories! If lord krishna comes here and humans were not allowed by god than how come muslim turks and persians and afghans attacked and destroyed this places and lord krishna could do nothing! Its all human belief just either to keep faith intact or just blind belief out of fear!