Urban Exploration Abandoned GHOST TOWN Long Gone Urbex #27


Just enjoying a drive in the country and happened onto an explore of an old abandoned town. People moved here in the 1890s. This town seemed to be thriving with a school a church and merchants. Scarlet fever and other tragedies amongst the community I think might have contributed to the residents picking up and moving elsewhere. That is the second church on that spot as the 1st had burnt down in the early years.A group noticed it sitting empty and A Christian Commune with the help and kindnesses of a nearby Hutterite Colony took the town over and made it work for quite a few years. They were known for their amazing vegetable Gardens. For financial reasons they had to give it up in the early 80s and it has been sitting ever since.
I Explore all parts of Manitoba. I would love permission to explore your old Homestead. When I drive by the farms, I can see them sitting out in your field.Maybe get some of the stories if you wanted to share. Just private message me on my about page if you think you might have something interesting from the past that we can explore in the present.
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  1. Dodgerton: What an amazing find! I, too, am fond of old wallpaper, but I must admit, that floral Americana right up against the froglicker green paint was almost too much to handle! I had Holly Hobbie stationery as a child, among other things. If I could commission the fashioning of a walking stick (recent knee injuries, 1st time ever, refuse to right themselves for some reason) & teleport myself North, I would gladly be your 2nd-string adventuretime partner. Did you ever make it back to this place for further investigation?

  2. I really like to see the old wallpaper too. Any details from better days are nice to see really. I think you took too much risk going up that outside porch. There were nails sticking up, covered by snow and boards missing. Glad you didn't have trouble.

  3. Great explore and you were right not too cross those floors, looks like there is a lot too explore perhaps a whole town. Perhaps your not "every ones cup off thea"   as you say, but you are one off the best explorers.

  4. Cool find Cindy, you are one brave lady! but that shot of that last house through the window was a perfectly framed pretty picture. I'm looking forwards to the Springtime & seeing what you discover. got some pretty snowdrops & daffodil shoots on my last recent farmstead explore…posting asap…. Thanks! regards Steve.

  5. wow.. Cindy this IS the place.. when you come next time.. bring some one alone.. so that you can explore every bit of that town.. you know one thing i noticed those foot prints just went one way.. they went into the house but no indication of going out.. so who ever went in there must have found another exit or still hiding in there.. and they dont look that long ago..well may be you got to see them leading out.. anyway im glad to see you are safe.. if i were you i would go with some one else specially when exploring a ghost towns during gloomy winter day.. can never say who will be in those old houses.. and the second house you explored looks like ready to cave in.. the drip and snow must be buckling its foundation.. wonder whats the story behind this … take care ..waiting for your spring adventure..

  6. I fully support your decision not go onto the second floor of that house. Safety first. I'm glad you were able to document the houses you've explored so far: I can't imagine they'll last much longer.  I wonder if there's a cemetery by one or both of the churches. What seems to be a central, tree-lined street is so wide that it seems too wide for a street; I'm reminded of how some communities used to have the village green. I look forward to seeing if that area is paved. I'm also looking forward to a visit to the big house with the wraparound porch. I would think that the porch has kept snow and water off of some of the interior so that part of that house would be in better shape than the rest of the house and in better shape than the other houses; looks like there are no windows left in any of the houses we've seen so far. Like your other subscribers and viewers I'm ready for spring and a second visit to this community!

  7. I recognized that Holly Hobby wallpaper too Cindy! What an amazing scene in the snow, and an amazing town. I'm surely looking forward to seeing the rest of it. Thank you so much for this great video! Take care!

  8. I love your videos!! Keep them coming,but be careful. I was holding my breath several times during this one. Then I realized you made it ok. After all you did post the video!! Can't wait to see the whole place,spring can't come soon enough!

  9. I love the shot of the thick fluffy snow when you came up to the house. This first place doesn't feel good…if I could reach through that screen I'd smack your behind! It looks more dangerous with the snow where you can't see what you're stepping onto. On the other hand that is some beautiful wood grain.

    The wallpaper is still so bright. I love all of the built in cupboards. Coming up to the house it kind of felt like a fire, kind of desolate. It's rather pitiful but some of the paint looks pretty in it's decay.

    It's kind of scary to me that there is another set of footprints because you're alone.

    I'm intrigued by the wall paper as well, I'd want to take a tiny bit of each to make a scrapbook of sorts. Do you run across the same patterns?

    I like forgotten places but this place feels heavy and grim. Maybe it will look better in the spring. The church looked in the best shape at least from a distance.

    Do you ever show your walking sticks?

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for the video – It looks like you have a whole town of abandoned houses to explore now and show us. We'll rename it "THE TOWN OF CINDY" since you'll be the most active resident there for awhile….

  11. Hey Cindy…You go girl, climbing through snow drifts and any other impediment to get the job done…Right on…Wow, What a place you've stumbled upon there…great old houses. Have you ever considered taking a sample of wallpaper from each of your houses and putting them in a scrapbook or something? That abandoned church looked amazing…I can only imagine your excitement standing right there looking at all of those abandoned building just waiting for someone to come in and bear witness….Can't wait for you to go back in the spring…..I'm  in the process of doing some research on abandoned ghost towns in my area also, of which, their are many, whether they were gold mining towns or mill towns,  it's amazing how many towns are now deserted or gone completely, though as you know,  I'm as interested  in what's in the ground as much as what's on top of the ground. Great spending a little time with you…Thanks,  Cathy

  12. Cindy is that a whole abandoned town? If it is I know you saw the church, then straight out from the front of that church I saw another steeple through the trees! You should carry a walking stick in case you heaven forbid fall through the floor or come across a wild beast or 20! The last house was pretty much yuck and that big one your eyeing is leaning pretty bad! I would put a prop stick up against the back before going lol! All joking a side 🙂 be very extra early 1970's Holly Hobbie careful and be sure to bring Strawberry Shortcake too lol! Please be very cautious and careful! I don't want to hear about you getting hurt, it's not worth our entertainment! We love ya Cindy and Meagan too when she is with you! 🙂

  13. Hi, Cindy. I expect you already know deteriorating roofs could be more prone to collapse under snow loads. Stay safe … and hope you're enjoying the warm weather! It seems quite"balmy" down here (southern WI), too, after the frigid weather.